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Miscellaneous and one of a kind products.

Misc-Stainless Light Box Misc-2Stainless Steel Light Box 2

Stainless Steel Light Box Photo #1 (Heger Residence)

Stainless Steel Light Box Photo #2 (Heger Residence)

EstateGate-Angela Ashley EstateGate-Angela Ashley 2

Angela Ashley Rusted Iron Gate Photo #1

Angela Ashely Rusted Iron Gate Photo #2

Misc-Ken table 1 Misc-Ken Table 2

Ken Horseshoe Dining Table Photo #1

Customer Wanted a very Detailed Grape leaf table in the shape of a horseshoe, Table is very Detailed and took Roughly 300 man hours to complete, Under lit with L.E.D lighting. Posts also Light up .

Ken Horseshoe Dining Table Photo #2

Ashley Bird Of Paradise

20' Bird of Paradise - Ashley Residence

This project started as a post to hold up a shade sale and ended up as the most organic and Natrual looking shade structure we have ever built. the residence have more shade than they know what to do with from each 3' x 5' steel hand forged leaf attached to individual 1 1/2" round stems. the stems are modular and allow the homeowner to move them wherever they need more shade. Call for more information or to arrange a viewing of this functional piece of art. Piece is completely L.E.D lit for night time extravagance.

Donahue - Barbeque Overall View Donahue - Fire Pit Table

Donahue Residence - Complete Patio Additon

Customer came to us for a much cleaner and maitenance free way of building a Barbeque island and Bar, Where most people build the structure out of steel studs and then stucco the Exterior. We came up with an all steel construction with powder coated frame and Sheet metal riveted onto the Frame, We then added Drawers and Adjustable shelving through out the entire project. Attached to the Cabinet doors and Drawers are Custom stainless steel Pulls. There is no shortage of storage for the pads of the outdoor furniture. There are 2 roll out trash cans a top of the line Bull Barbque and a serving table in the back with 2 ice pits at 9" and 18" deep with constant drains. a fridge is also installed in this table for convenience. 2 stand up bars that can accept Bar Stools as well in the Future. We Cut and Finished the Granite in house Laminated to 4 Cm and 6 Cm on the Bar areas, and Full Bullnosed on all pieces. Full Fire Pit in the Center that seats 12 People. you can run 1 or 2 burnes of 2 different Propane Tanks.

10' Fire Pit Table

Donahue Project - 10' Granite Elipse W/ Full Bullnose ( 4cm ) Table with Stainless Tray and Lid, All steel Base Dual Tank Dual Burner, This table can seat up to 12 People.

Grapes Exterior Cross Door Grill


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