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            All of our products are 100% hand crafted in our Tempe, Arizona Location. We combine the highest quality materials with true artisan craftsmanship, Giving you the best and longest lasting products on the market with unmatched attention to detail.

            All products are under a limited lifetime warranty for craftsmanship only. All  products are covered for the estimated life of any defects in materials and workmanship under normal wear and tear circumstances. This warranty does  not include any deliberate acts or acts of nature that cause product failure. Product specific Warranties are listed below. For additional information please contact our office.


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Warranty and Care plan - Iron/Wood Gates

All of our ironwood gates have a limited lifetime warranty. This covers the Craftsmanship only. 

Wood is hand picked to assure the least amount of Knots, Twisting, and splits. although it is not guaranteed that this can be completely avoided. All wood used in our gates is Natural redwood, a Proven timeless look that holds strong against aging. All wood processed through our company is Sanded thourouohly, Naturally stained, and then Water sealed for maximum protection against natures elements, although all of these precautions are made there is not guarantee on any wood of any kind Past 90 Days as nature always finds some way in. However we do recommend Treatment of Wood depending on location and how much weather is directly focused on gate. Treatment should be done a minimum of every 2 years with some sort of water seal and or Mineral spirits. If gate was purchased from us we offer annual services for a very affordable rate.


 Standard latch system, These are guaranteed not to break or tear at welds under regular wear and tear. If latch system seems to be dragging or hanging up you can either call our office for technical support, or you can adjust the Finger portion of the latch system by bending it up or down with a small hammer or a Crescent wrench.

 Upgraded latch systems, Magna-latch systems have a lifetime warranty from the manufacture (D&D) Only. Adjustments can easily be made by homeowner using a philips screwdriver. If Catch portion needs adjusted, Simply remove all visible screws in front portion of Catch, Then slide up or down to desired area. If latch portion needs adjusted. Take philips and screw tighter to go away from Catch, or loosen to go Closer.

Knobs and Deadbolts, are warranteed by manufacture only


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